Smile Makeovers

Smile Makeovers address many aesthetic and functional issues with a series of treatments and procedures to produce “the perfect smile”. A perfect smile can be defined as the smile that will perfectly suit you and your facial structure the best. Everyone’s teeth are different in shape and size ad what may look perfect on one person may look different on you. However, the general defining factor is a healthy and natural look; not too white in colour or artificially shaped.

More reasons you may opt to get a smile makeover are to get a better first impression for romantic partnership, your professional working environment or personal ideas regarding your physical appearance.

Problems commonly associated with a 'bad smile' include chipped teeth, misaligned tooth structure that may need orthodontic treatments and discoloured stained teeth.

All these common problems can be fixed or revered using different procedures for different concerns.

This is a cosmetic procedure. If you are unhappy with your smile at any level you are a candidate for a smile design makeover. Treatments range from minor corrections and adjustments to comprehensive treatments.

What can you expect?
Consultation and diagnosis consist of pointing out concerns, expectations and possible treatment procedures. Digital images are taken along with X-rays if need be. The procedure can consist of either one or a combination of different treatments.