Kids Dentistry

Oral care for babies
The recommendation for a baby’s first dental visit is within the first year of life. A baby’s oral care should not be neglected because they do not have any teeth yet. Although there may be a little bit of fussing initially, it is good to get into the habit of cleaning your baby’s gums soon after birth. Like the rest of the body, with a daily routine, your baby will get used to having their mouth cleaned. Baby teeth start to emerge between 3 -9 months. The most trouble this will cause is irritability and fussiness along with some restlessness, drooling or loss of appetite.

Like adults, infants can be exposed to oral dental conditions - such as baby bottle tooth decay also called ‘early childhood dental caries’. This occurs when the infant is exposed to routine sugary liquids overtime which can seriously damage a baby’s teeth and overall oral health. Pacifiers bring comfort for children well into their first few years. Sucking habits probably won’t damage their mouth but frequent and long-term sucking can cause problems.

Children’s oral care
Although baby teeth do eventually fall out, they nonetheless play an important role. Baby teeth help your child to bite, chew food, and speak clearly. These first teeth also save space for the permanent teeth and help guide them into place. Underneath your child’s baby teeth, the roots and position of permanent teeth that are growing in.

Children who develop tooth cavities are more likely to develop cavities in their adult teeth as well. Children’s teeth are still susceptible to the same conditions that damage adult teeth. If your child is at risk of getting cavities, it is time to cut out the sugary, starchy snacks and beverages. Giving your child sweetened liquids and letting them fall asleep with a bottle of sweetened beverages during naps and at night can cause harm to your child’s teeth.

Tips for kid’s dentistry from Reddy Dental
Many of the same treatments and evaluations available for adults are also available for kids. There are new dental technologies that have been developed to make dental appointments a more pleasant experience for kids. Lasers can now be used in the place of the traditional method as anaesthesia for minor procedures like fillings, therefore, eliminating the use of injections for minor procedures.