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We at Reddy Dental offer everything from general dentistry such as teeth extractions (wisdom teeth included) and kids dentistry. You can also get cosmetic treatments which include smile makeovers and laser teeth whitening among other services. We are one of the very few dental practices that offer this service. Where we strive to be different is our holistic approach and personal care. We don't treat our patients as another number... We strive in getting to know our patients and their needs and expectations and will devise a detailed treatment plan to suit those needs. We believe that knowledge will cure that "fear" of dentistry. We will explain the procedures in detail to the patient so that they get an understanding of the procedure, which will also help lessen the "fear of the unknown". My passion that has developed over the last 10 years of private practice is spreading the message of the importance of oral health. I always preach that dentistry is not painful or expensive, NEGLIGENCE IS!! Our goal at Reddy Dental is to make patients understand this and to help them achieve their dental goals so they can carry on with more important things in life with a smile! We look forward to contributing to the dental wellness of our community.

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